PGD Šinkov Turn

VIVO.19 Youth Exchange

Sunday, 21. 7. 2019.

We enjoyed traveling to the Mozirska koča very much because of the beautiful nature and the kind people.

Right after arriving we settled in the rooms and started to get to know each other. We played a couple of fun games for the start and continued later in the evening. So we had the opportunity to get to know more closely with the other participants and to learn something about everyone. We like it very much here and we are looking forward to the upcoming days.

Jana and Marlena


Monday, 22. 7. 2019.

Monday was the first morning we woke up in the Mozirska cottage. Our breakfast started at 7am and we continued with different energizers at 8:15. At first we were divided in groups, to make up a riddles connected to the youth exchange VIVO.19. After that we were planning the workshop that our nation is going to present in next days, but Croatia already had their today. In this workshop named Management and working with young people,  we were searching and exchanging the ideas how to motivate and lead the youth. At 1pm we had lunch and some rest time, to gain new energy. For the warm up, we had to pick a photo that describe us as a mentor an explain the story behind. Workshop that followed, was Italian critical thinking where we put ourself in the position for example in the position of the authority, citizens, migrants and volunteer firefighters trying to find solutions regarding uncontrolled flows of migrants through their country. Before dinner that was by the way delicious (mushroom soup, buckwheat and pancakes) we completed a short game, where we needed to agree or disagree with given statement and argument it. After dinner Croatian group surprised us, after their national evening, with national sausages that we baked on the campfire and sang songs by the sounds of an acoustic guitar. I think that we could not make a day in the mountains more educated that it was today.
Zarika and Alina


Tuesday, 23. 7. 2019.

We started our day with visiting underground rows in Kranj. Many participants were thrilled and excited to see all the structures which was build in the time of second world war. Our next destination was the professional fire brigade in Kranj. A few firefighters showed us their fire station and told us about their work.
After sightseeing we went for a lunch in Ljubljana in a small menza called Klopčič.
In the afternoon we visited the House of EU, where we discovered interesting facts and information about the European Union. We also had two workshops. In the first one we discussed about conflicts and in the second one we talked about leadership.
The evening was relaxed and pleasant. We had a dinner in a lovely restaurant Druga violina and after that some free time to explore Ljubljana city center.
Lea and Valentina
Wednesday, 24. 7. 2019.
In the morning we went to a mountain by a sky lift. It was great and really exciting. On the mountain, Croatian team had a workshop. We were presenting different ways of learning through 4 games and 1 energizer. After that, Slovenian team had 3 games. After the lunch we had the second part of a Croatian workshop and it was connected to Maths and Physics. The Slovenian team also had the second part of their workshop and the best was the treasure hunt. After the dinner Slovenian team had their national evening. They made a quiz and the winner got Milka chocolate. Italian team also made a ham in a bread and it was delicious.
Jelena and Ana
Thursday, 25. 7. 2019.
Today in the morning we went to Nazarje where we visited the Vrbovec museum of forestry and timber. Our guide told us a lot of interesting things about the nature and forests in Slovenija. After the visit we had the water games near the museum where flows the river Savinja. The Slovenian team who organized the games made four groups. Each group had four members and we challenged in different disciplines. We had a lot of fun and great time. After the water games we had some free time to swim and relax in the river. It was funny too!
We had lunch in a restaurant in Nazarje and in the afternoon we went to a hunting cottage. There we talked with experienced hunter and firefighter. Later we had also the Cmrlj game. It was a quiz that we had to solve in group. It was a little bit difficult, but with team work we solved it. The last activity of the day was a surprise. We went to a place where a pilot was waiting for us with his small plane. Only one person had the opportunity to fly with the plane and it was Lea. She deserved it. When the plane landed we came back to our cottage. After dinner we had great time all together.
Jernej and Rok


Friday, 26. 7. 2019.

On friday morning we splitted in two groups and visited the hunters centre and a sports centre ŠD Strahovica near Šinkov Turn. Nikola and Lovro were in the sports group and  Mario went to the hunters. We watched mentors working with children. They were also splitted into gruops and played football, on the playground, some went to walk five kilometers and some of them practised bocce game. With their mentor Aleš Borčnik we were talking about sports, how is to be five times world champion in bocce game and tried to throw some bocce balls. It was fun, but it isn’t easy as it seems. In meantime other group helped hunters to tidy up the house and yard. After that we have some refreshment in hunters house. Later we went to a fire station in Šinkov Turn (Koseze) and had a small workshop in groups. After that we visited a guy who was a commander in firefighter station and he talked about his station and life. We can learn from his past. After lunch we returned to fire station and separated into groups. Every group got a task to do, cleaning, preparing desks and benches, games for visitors, lottery and other stuff. Picnic started at 7pm and everybody got some job to do. Nikola and Mario were a waiters with some girls and Lovro was a bartender. We had a lot of fun serving our guests. There were games and people could get some prizes. Lea was the luckiest in lottery and she won a cake. After party has ended we cleaned up and had a small celebration. After all that, we sayed goodbye to some of our friends and then we returned to Mozirska Koča. For us that day was one of the best ones because we had a lot of fun with friends, met some new people and gained some new experiences.


Nikola, Mario and Lovro
Saturday, 26. 7. 2019.
The last morning: after breakfast we cleaned up a common space, arranged envelopes, where we put together positive thoughts about each other and shared them among us.
We went to the ‘zip line’, where the prize winners tried the adrenaline drive. The Italian leader honored us with a special gift that we tasted when we drank a cup of coffee in the valley.
Goodbye was filled with the idea that we will still meeting at a similar event.



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