PGD Šinkov Turn


Saturday, 18.7.2015


Today was the first day of our Camp 15 program. People of different ages arrived in Gozd Martuljek from Cyprus, Croatia and Slovenia.

Cypriots arrived by plane so we had the chance to visit Bled lake to swim and enjoy the view for a couple of hours. Croatian’s team arrived with two vans. We came to Slovenia at 14 o’clock. We met our new friends from Cyprus and Slovenia.
After lunch we had an ice-break game. Then we were divided to colour coded groups. In evening we met again in a workshop called »date-clock«. In this way we got to know each other even more.


Jože, Antonio & Angelos


Sunday, 19.7.2015


Today we woke up at 7 o’clock, because at 7.30 we had gym. Then we had breakfast and after it we talked about democracy in Croatia, Cyprus and Slovenia. We debated in the mixed groups until the lunch. In the afternoon we separate in groups of interests. Some of us choose fire station, creativity, schedule, walk&story and some others. The dinner today was prepared by Cyprus. It tastes very delicious. After dinner we had Cyprus night outside in the garden. We tasted their traditional foods and drinks and have fun with dancing their traditional dances.


Tamara, Katja & Georgia


Monday, 20.7.2015

After morning gym we had delicious breakfast. Important morning news that were actually Sunday’s evening news followed. Than we took a trip to lake Bled, where yesterday’s groups of interest had their presentations. After we formed new groups, we went on a walk around the lake, where we had to find different points with different assignments. In the afternoon we had water games where most of the participants got wet. After our return to the hotels we proceeded with daily evaluation and had delicious Croatian dinner. And now we expect to have an interesting Croatian national evening as well.

Panayiota, Katarina, Sara


Tuesday, 21.7.2015


We woke up at 7.00 into beautiful morning. At 8.45 we went to Ig and we learnt about fire-fighters in Slovenia. They us how fire-fighters are training. After that little tour around learning center we had workshops from each country. Slovenia participants presented us how young fire-fighters are training in Slovenia and we also had practises in those exercises. Croatia participants presented us how emergency center is working in Croatia and Cyprus participants presented us about sports in Cyprus. After workshops we went to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia and learn much about it while we were driving on the boat on river Ljubljanica. Later all participants had free time for sightseeing and after shopping we came back to hotel and went to sleep.


Panagiotis,Miha,Nikolina S.


Wednesday, 22.7.2015


Today we woke up at 7 o’clock. The morning gym started at 7:30, it wasn’t too hard and after it we went to breakfast. At 9 we went to Planica and we were lucky because we saw ski-jumpers when they had a training. After that, we had small workshops divided in three groups. Each group had an assignment. There we had morning news and two life stories from Neža and Josip. After that we came back to our hotel Rute at 13 o’clock. Then we had lunch and some free time after.
At 15 o’clock we had “yes/no” debate. After debate we had role playing about solving some problems with communication. At 19 we had Slovenian traditional meal and it was delicious.
Than we went to source of river Sava nearby-Zelenci. There we had a great time and we came back quickly. Then we had a little talking together about two days before. We tallked about walking around the Bled lake and duties of each group. After all things we played volleyball and go to our rooms to sleep. It was a good day.


Alen, Emanuel, Antonio


Thursday, 23.7.2015


As usual we started morning gym at 7:30. After breakfast we went to firefighter station of PGD Šinkov Turn. We had one of the best day, best active day. In this activities we have opportunity to work as a team. In the morning we was working around fire station. We pull out hedge. We all have to do some teamwork with a lot of communication. Some of us was tired, but excited. Meanwhile some participants made a pancakes. We also got the chance to meet the major of municipality Vodice, Aco Franc Šuštar. The idea of knowing that important for that community very thrilling. We all looking forward to lunch, which was very good. Afternoon we have firefighters game, where we had a lot of fun and for the better result, we had to step together and in group we decided on the plan how to result our tasks. Between firefigher game we have a lot of fun with splashing water, so we end up all wet. After dinner (barbecue), we have slovenian national evening. It was a little quiz about slovenia. At the end of quiz, Nejc, our friend of slovenian team, played accordion (harmonika). We all danced and have great time. So in conclusion it was very tiring but also a very fun and amazing day for all the participants.


Domen, Georgia, Ivan
Friday, 24.7.2015


We started with morning gym at 7:30, which it was very refreshing. After breakfast we seperated in 7 groups and answered some questions – we did some suggestions. After the coffee break we seperated in 3 groups – one of them was doing paper work, the second one was preparing workshops and the third one was preparing energizers. After all that preparation we seperated in 7 groups and did the workshops. Afterwards all of us shared experiences of the workshops. We also talked about some technical issues. We put our presents in the pillows and went eat. At that moment we are writing a blog and are so excited about exchanging presents to our hidden friends. See you tomorrow!! 🙂


Monika, Andreas, Manca


Saturday, 25.7.2015


Instead of morning gym, we took a picture of all participants and leader of CAMP 15 in our new orange T-shirts (which was a little bit of gym). After breakfast we had a workshop about how we could participate more and which activities we will have if we organize new youth exchange. Then it was relly time for farewell. Even some tears were cried. Now we are towards new victories.


Domen, Saša





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Brošura o našem projektu: CAMP-brochure


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